Step into a world where wellness meets indulgence, where every bite is not just a treat for your taste buds but a nourishment for your body and soul. Our experience with Amanda’s healthy truffle-making event was nothing short of magical. Under Amanda’s guidance, we embarked on a journey of culinary delight, crafting delectable truffles that danced with flavor and goodness. But it wasn’t just about the final product; it was the journey itself. Amanda’s infectious enthusiasm and wealth of knowledge transformed a simple cooking class into an enlightening wellness session. With each step, Amanda unveiled secrets of health and vitality, weaving them seamlessly into the art of truffle-making. Her insights were not just informative but downright captivating, leaving us eager to embrace a healthier lifestyle. And oh, the truffles! Words fail to capture the explosion of flavors that tantalized our taste buds. Every bite was a symphony of indulgence and wholesomeness, a testament to Amanda’s expertise and passion for wellness. Thank you for a great event!

Corporate Wellness Event

Amanda has been absolutely amazing! I have been working with her for a few months now and what a tremendous difference it has made not only to my nutrition but my mental health as well. I started the journey for guidance on whole foods and to reduce my sugar intake. It is not always easy, some days are much more difficult than others however Amanda does an amazing job in implementing achievable goals to slowly decrease habits that may have a negative effect on your overall well being. She suggests healthy whole food recipes that are absolutely delicious and nutritious! With the education I have learned from working with Amanda it has even encouraged my significant other to start implementing his own health goals. Her passion for health is undeniable and I look forward to continuing to work with her and achieve all that I didn’t think was possible!

Kathryn B.

When I first came to Amanda I was struggling with brain fog and anxiety. I had concerns about making changes and taking a chance on the price out of pocket. In our 3 months of working together I have gained an understanding of the chemistry and make up ‘behind the scenes’ in my body and how to support my health. I’ve finally been able to lose weight, I have major brain clarity, less anxiety, and better sleep. I had such a good experience.

Katie S.

I’ve been working with Amanda for a few months now and I have learned so much! She took the time to really understand my background and health concerns. We worked together to develop attainable goals. I now understand what foods to add for nutrients I was lacking as well as foods to avoid that truly don’t make me feel well. The personalized feel is great. I highly recommend!

Jen P.

After half a lifetime away from ballet, Nickel City Dance has been the perfect place for me to return to it. Somehow, my 36 year old body and brain remember all the movements and language of ballet that my 18 year old self left behind so many years ago. Amanda provides a welcoming environment where it is totally OK that things have not stayed exactly in the same place in body and mind, allows us to accept where we are, helps push us a little bit more every week, and gives us a space to just…dance! I’ve been attending classes for about a year and a half, and the 90 minutes I spend at the studio on Saturday mornings are always the best part of every week for me. I am so grateful that there is a place like this in Buffalo.

Sarah E.

I have loved our tap class! I am so happy to have found a studio for adults that doesn’t have a recital. You have a knack for teaching adults. You understand the balance between teaching proper technique and making class enjoyable without making anyone feel self conscious or inadequate.

Debbi C.

Great for everyone, no matter your age or dance/physical capabilities! Amanda, owner, is friendly & she has wonderful dance instructors, including herself! The studio has various financial options to suit your needs. They have wonderful diverse workshop opportunities, too! Can’t say enough positive things about NCD! Come & check it out! (BTW, I’m older than 60 & love it!)

Sharon A.

I love dancing at NCD! All the teachers are great and every class we learn something new. It’s a family-like atmosphere and you leave feeling happy and refreshed after each class. Would definitely recommend this studio to all ages and all levels. This studio is truly a blessing!

Vilona T.

Amanda has created a professional space of impeccable quality. No detail has been left neglected. On top of that, the programming of the studio is varied, top-notch, and continues to evolve in response to the community. I can’t wait to see what comes next!

Ellen S.

After dancing for 15 years and then stopping for 5 it feels amazing to get back in the studio and tap again! The teachers are awesome and the combinations are always so fun!!

Jacquie K.

I always look forward to my Tues and Sat dance/fitness classes!! Amanda is wonderful instructor and is always making sure our form is good to reduce strains. She has a great teaching staff that I love to learn from!! Thanks for making dance and fitness fun!!

Annette S.

I really enjoy classes at Nickel City. The atmosphere is very welcoming and the instructors are knowledgeable and helpful. It is a place you can go and feel very comfortable learning to dance as an adult. I’ve been to several dance studios in the area and would recommend this one first to anyone.

Laura W.

Nickel City Dance is not only a place to have fun and sweat it out, it offers great instruction, too! As a graduate of one of the top dance schools in the US and a former resident of New York City, I’ve received and sought top notch classes. I was nervous about finding a respectable studio in Buffalo when I moved. Luckily I found a new dance home at NCD. The classes are great and offer a variety of skill level and choreography. Each week I meet new faces and get the chance to do what I love.

Kait K.

Amanda, and Nickel City Dance and Fitness, have brought a wonderful opportunity for adult dancers to keep up with / get back into dance and fitness, and those who are newly interested a chance to give it a try! I have been taking classes for over 6 months and love it!! I have relearned so much and learned so many new things as well. My time at Nickel city has really boosted my confidence as a dancer. Amanda and the other staff provide a wonderful, happy, inviting atmosphere and I have, and will continue to, recommend the studio to family, friends, and anyone interested in giving dance a try!

Alicia S.