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Summer Break!

I will be taking some time away from teaching for the summer as I get my nutrition consultant business – Nickel City Wellness LLC – up and running! Please check the website and follow me on Facebook for updates about dance/fitness classes and nutrition consulting!


Eating for Health Class Series – COMING THIS FALL!!

In this four part class series participants will learn the basics of Eating for Health to promote overall health and wellness. This series will be offered via Zoom! 

Eating for Health
Learn the concepts of Eating for Health and meet your “nutrition heroes” and “nutrition bandits.” 

Understand the difference between macro- and micro- nutrients.
Learn how to keep track of food choices and notice attitudes pertaining to making changes. 

Lean Proteins and Clean Fats 
Learn how lean proteins and clean fats support health and how to select the healthiest choices. 

Learn to identify harmful fats in your diet and replace them with healthful alternatives. 

Colorful Complex Carbohydrates
Learn how healthy complex carbohydrates support health.
Learn the hazards of refined carbohydrates and how to spot them in packaged foods.
Learn common signs of carbohydrate imbalances.
Learn how to identify and incorporate healthful complex carbohydrates into your diet. 

Gain Energy and Lose Weight 
Learn the relationship between diet, blood sugar, and insulin control in maintaining optimal weight. 

Learn risk factors that contribute to symptoms of dysglycemia.
Learn how stress contributes to unhealthy weight gain.
Learn how to set up a diet and lifestyle plan for one to reduce stress and support blood sugar stability. 

How to Register for Ballet Class(es)

1. Submit payment for class(es) through Venmo.  Please include your email address and class(es) you are registering for in the memo area.   

2. All students must complete a Waiver prior to their first class (link below).

4. 15-20min prior to class you will receive an email with the Zoom Meeting Link and Password. Please be sure to register for class no less than 30 minutes prior to the class start time so that I have time to send you the links.