How Holistic Nutrition Supports Overall Health 


I recently had a Nourish to Flourish Strategy Session with a 45 year old woman who was struggling with fatigue, anxiety, and difficulty sleeping. She had read some client testimonials where I had helped other women increase their energy, decrease anxiety and brain fog, and improve their sleep. She was intrigued. These clients also noted that they finally experienced weight loss after having struggled for some time. This prospective client was at a healthy weight and weight loss was not a goal for her, and she wanted to know if food and lifestyle changes could really help with non-weight related concerns.

It is a common misconception that the only people that can benefit from nutrition counseling are those that desire weight loss. While weight loss is a goal of many of my clients we always tackle overall health first. Weight gain is not a simple calories-in-calories-out problem, and people are not overweight because they are lazy or lack willpower. Unfortunately the mainstream media and diet culture has lead us to believe these untruths.

Overweight and obesity are not the problems that needs to be addressed. Overweight and obesity are the signs and symptoms of dysregulation in the body that need to be supported. These root causes can include things like mitochondrial disfunction, blood sugar dysregulation, gut dysbiosis, malabsorption of food, compromised liver/biliary function, and inflammation and oxidative stress. 

The root causes of overweight and obesity are often the same root causes for low energy and fatigue, anxiety/depression, menstrual cycle concerns, and sleep disturbances. By focusing on changes that promote overall health first we help support the body to optimize function. By supporting optimal function we allow the body to heal. When we heal, our symptoms dissipate and eventually go away. If excess weight was part of the body’s adaptive response then the excess weight will come off when the root cause is addressed. 

When working with clients I take a holistic or functional medicine inspired approach. I will assess all aspects of health including diet, digestion, sleep, stress/emotions, and toxin exposure. Our work together always starts with a detailed health history and food journal. Based on your symptoms and current diet/lifestyle I will help you address what areas need the most support and we will come up with small achievable steps to start supporting your body so it can heal and function better.  Some clients notice improvement immediately, within a few weeks, and others take longer. It’s important to remember that your symptoms and concerns didn’t show up overnight, and it can take time to bring the body back into healing and repair mode.

If you have been struggling with fatigue, brain fog, anxiety/depression, or menstrual cycle complaints call or e-mail me to schedule your complimentary Nourish to Flourish Strategy Session to get started on your path to healing. 

In Health,

Amanda Watson, BCHN®

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