Getting Back on Track After Vacation


In my last blog post I shared my healthy road trip and travel snacks. Like many of you, I enjoyed some travel over Spring break. While traveling I focused on making the best choices I could as far as food and lifestyle go. I packed up our cooler with healthy snacks to enjoy during our drive. When we reached our destination we stopped at a grocery store and stocked up on staples for some healthy meals we could easily prepare at the house we rented. I made it a point to eat well balanced meals with protein, fat, and carbohydrates to keep me satiated and prevent blood sugar spikes. I even packed my yoga mat and did a few PiYo workouts on vacation which felt so good! 

I am human and I’m all about keeping it real with my followers and clients. While I did all the things I mentioned above I also enjoyed more sugary snacks, treats and alcohol while on vacation. I had more processed foods than usual and more carbs than my body needed for my activity levels. I’m feeling a little bloated and yes the scale is up a bit beyond my normal maintenance weight (which is natural after consuming more sugars and starches – carbohydrates can make you retain water). So now we’re back home and it’s time to get back to my normal way of eating which doesn’t include ice cream, cookies, and alcohol multiple times a week. 

First let me start off by saying what I’m NOT going to be doing to help me get back on track:

  • I am NOT going to label myself or foods as “good” or “bad.” My food choices have nothing to do with my morals, and foods are not “good” or “bad.” I categorize foods as “nutritious” or “less nutritious.”
  • I am NOT going to restrict the amount of food I eat or follow some crazy super low calorie crash diet/cleanse/juice fast.
  • I am NOT going to use movement/exercise as punishment for food choices I made. 

Here’s what I AM going to do:

  • I will get back to eating balanced meals focusing on protein, fat, and whole food carbohydrate sources. My plates will look something like this: 1/2 my plate will be full of leafy or crunchy veggies, 1/4 of my plate will be protein (eggs, chicken, salmon, beef etc.), 1/4 of my plate will be starchy carbs (potatoes, sweet potatoes, rice, beans). There will also be some fruit and grass-fed probiotic rich dairy included as well. 
  • I will get back to my normal movement and exercise routine. 
  • I will reduce my consumption of refined/processed/packaged products. I will not be buying chips, cookies, candies, or ice cream to have in the house. These foods which get categorized as “less nutritious” will go back to being special treats to have occasionally, not pantry staples.
  • I will set boundaries around alcohol consumption. I like to reserve alcohol for special dinners or socializing with friends (sticking to 1-2 drinks per event), or the once-a-month wine club event held by a local winery we belong to. 
  • I will get back to doing some light fasting where I aim for 12 hours between my last meal of one day and my first meal of the next day (ex. if I finish dinner at 7pm, I won’t eat my first meal of the next day until 7am or later). 

If you’re feeling a little out of sorts and like you need a bit of a reset after Spring break I’ve got you – it’s why I scheduled my next Clean Eating Challenge as well as my Eating for Health® Zoom Class Series to begin next week! Registration is still open for both and I’m looking forward to joining you in re-focusing on healthy habits so I can head into the warmer months feeling my best. 

Challenges and classes like these can be a great way to stay motivated and accountable for the healthy habits you are looking to implement into your life with other’s who are also focused on similar goals. As an added bonus, I’ve included one 20-minute one-on-one session with me to give you personalized guidance in reaching your goals during the challenge/workshop and beyond!

In Health,

Amanda Watson, BCHN®

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