Special Events

Clean Eating Challenge

Are you ready to transform your relationship with food and embrace a healthier, happier you? 🌱✨  

Join my 4-Week Clean Eating Challenge and unlock the power of nourishing your body with delicious and wholesome foods! 🥦🍎

Throughout this challenge, I’ll guide you on a journey of redefining your approach to nutrition and wellness. From goal setting to incorporating light fasting, balancing your plate with nutrient-rich foods, increasing your vegetable intake, staying hydrated, practicing mindful eating, incorporating gut health supporting foods, and embracing the power of anti-inflammatory options, I’ve got you covered.

Get ready to experience increased energy, improved digestion, radiant skin, and an overall sense of well-being. 💪

What is included:

* Four (4) Live Zoom Classes where I will go over our weekly challenges, share tips and tricks for success, and answer your questions. The Zoom classes will be recorded and participants will receive a link to the replay afterwards, so no worries if you cannot participate live!

* One 20-minute one-on-one Zoom session with Amanda (to be used during the 4 week challenge or within 2 weeks of the end of the Challenge)

* A weekly email outlining our weekly goals as well as goal tracking and reflection worksheets to help you stay on track and see how far you have come during our four weeks together.

*Unlimited email and text support from Amanda during the Challenge.

Zoom Meetings: Sunday April 15th, 21st, 28th, & May 5th from 10:00-10:30AM EST 
Fee: $75

Eating for Health

Eating for Health® Zoom Class Series

Are you ready to learn the basics of Eating for Health® to promote overall health and wellness?

The goal of this class series is to educate and empower you with the foundational knowledge of how to structure a healthy diet. These are the very same topics that I cover with my one-on-one clients. You will leave these four weeks equipped with the knowledge to start making healthier food choices to reduce your risk for chronic diseases such as type II diabetes and cardiovascular disease. 

As an added bonus, everyone registered for this class series will receive one 20-minute one-on-one Zoom session with me! (*to be used during the four week class series or within 2 months of the end of the series).

Monday, April 15th, 7-8pm EST Class #1: Eating for Health 
* Learn the concepts of Eating for Health and meet your “nutrition heroes” and “nutrition bandits.”
* Understand the difference between macro- and micro- nutrients.
* Learn how to keep track of food choices and notice attitudes pertaining to making changes.

Monday, April 22nd, 7-8pm EST Class #2: Lean Proteins & Clean Fats
*Learn how lean proteins and clean fats support health and how to select the healthiest choices.
*Learn to identify harmful fats in your diet and replace them with healthful alternatives.

Monday, April 29th, 7-8pm EST Class #3: Colorful Complex Carbohydrates
*Learn how healthy complex carbohydrates support health.
* Learn the hazards of refined carbohydrates and how to spot them in packaged foods.
* Learn common signs of carbohydrate imbalances.
* Learn how to identify and incorporate healthful complex carbohydrates into your diet.

Monday, May 6th, 7-8pm EST Class #4: Gain Energy and Lose Weight
* Learn the relationship between diet, blood sugar, and insulin control in maintaining optimal weight.
* Learn risk factors that contribute to symptoms of dysglycemia.
* Learn how stress contributes to unhealthy weight gain.
* Learn how to set up a diet and lifestyle plan for one to reduce stress and support blood sugar stability.  

Monday, April 15th, 22nd, 29th, & May 6th
7:00-8:00pm EST
(Classes will be recorded and the replay and slides will be emailed)
Fee: $50

Please check back regularly and LIKE our FB page for future class announcements!

Past Special Events

Relax & Renew Yoga
Jessie Mancuso of Uniquely You Yoga
November 2020 – March 2021

Jazz Dance Often
Tom Ralabate
July 10, 2019

Broadway Connection Musical Theatre Master Class “Hamilton”
Broadway Connection Teacher, Karli Dinardo
December 2, 2018

Jazz Master Class
Tom Ralabate
August 14, 2018

Pilates & Technique
Jamie Stodds
July 5, 2018

Broadway Connection Tap Master Class “Something Rotten”
Broadway Connection Teacher and star of Something Rotten, Kate Bailey
March 11, 2018

Ballet + Modern Master Class
Kerry Ring
June 7, 2017

Musical Theatre Master Class
Michael Peter Deeb
June 21, 2016

Classic/Contemporary Jazz Fusion Master Class
Tom Ralabate
August 12, 2015

Broadway Connection Jazz Master Class “Chicago”
February 22, 2015

Tap Dance Time Step Master Class
Amanda Watson
August 3, 2014

Movement for Stage Actors & Dancers
Susan Moser
October 5, 2019

Conditioning, Ballet & Contemporary
Danielle Lydia Sheather
June 2019-July 2019

Master Class with Jon Lehrer
Jon Lehrer
October 28, 2018

Broadway Connection Tap Master Class “Aladdin”
Broadway Connection Teacher, Michelle West
August 12, 2018

Tap Through the Ages
Rachel Repinz
June 21st & 28th, 2018

Ballet Master Class
Danielle Lydia Sheather
November 12, 2017

Broadway Connection Musical Theatre Master Class “Cabaret”
Broadway Connection Teacher and star of Cabaret, Sarah Bishop
April 30, 2017

Modern Master Class
Kerry Ring
June 8, 2016

Phrase Work Master Class
Leanne Rinelli
July 8, 2015

LehrerDance Master Class
Jon Lehrer
October 26, 2014

LehrerDance Master Class
Jon Lehrer
July 13, 2014

Connection Tap Master Class
BC Teacher, Jonalyn Saxer
September 22, 2019

Bollywood Dance class
Gaitrie Subryan “Devi Bollywood”
March 20, 2019

Physical Listening Workshop
Joanna Mendl Shaw
October 19, 2018

Ballet Master Class
Danielle Lydia Sheather
August 1, 2018

Musical Theater 4 Week Session
Timmy Goodman
Wednesday, June 6-27th, 2018

Ballroom/Social Dance Workshop
Phyllis “Kippy” Ralabate
Sept-Oct 2017

Broadway Connection Tap Master Class “42nd Street”
Broadway Connection Teacher and Star of 4nd Street, Mallory Nolting
January 22, 2017

Luigi Style: Lurhythmic Textures Master Class
Tom Ralabate
March 20, 2016

Belly Dance with Faaria Workshop
Faaria Lynch
June 22, 2015

A Chorus Line Master Class – “I Hope I Get It”
LauRen Alaimo
September 28, 2014

Ballet + Modern
Kerry Ring
July 15, 2019

5th Annual Burlesque Holiday Party
Amanda Watson
December 21, 2018

EvanMatthew Steward
August 29, 2018

Contemporary Flow
Leanne Rinelli
July 6, 2018

Modern Master Class
Kerry Ring
June 15, 2018

Ballet Technique, Turns & Leaps Workshop
LauRen Alaimo
June-July 2017

LehrerDance Master Class
Jon Lehrer
July 26, 2016

Modern/Contemporary Master Class
Ellen Stokes Shadle
November 28, 2015

Contemporary Technique Master Class
Leanne Rinelli
June 17, 2015

A Chorus Line Master Class – “One”
LauRen Alaimo
September 21, 2014